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THOMAS WORKMAN: Multi-Instrumentalist
Ancient2Future Sound Healing
THOMAS WORKMAN, multi-instrumentalist, certified sound healer,  educator, artist-in-residence, exhibiting artist and performer, has been contributing to the cultural life around him all of his life. With deep roots in jazz, world folk musics and improvisation, he has organized a variety of groups, including the 6 piece Big Sky Ensemble and  the trio, BaKana!. He has played extensively for theater, and has performed with Steve Gorn, Roswell Rudd, Pete Seeger, Tani Tabbal, Karl Berger, Arm-of-the-Sea Theater (Musical Director) and The Vanaver Caravan, among others. 

After 40 years of study of shamanism, esoteric research and the role of music and sound in healing practices, it all comes home with Sound Healing. Many of the  host of wind and percussion instruments from around the world that Thomas plays, such as didjeridu, berimbau, bone, bamboo and other traditional flutes (ney, kaval, fujara), conch shells, West African harps (Donso Ngoni), all  come from traditions where they were used as healing tools. Along with tuning forks, healing bowls, chanting and extended vocal techniques, Thomas leads healing sessions for groups and individuals that bring a clarified sense of well being and a deeper sense of self and one’s healing process. 
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