MERMAID'S SONG:  The Sereia Series




The Mermaid Agenda


I started creating flat “2 dimensional” sculptures in wire during the mid 1970’s. Captivated by the unique creative challenges to make these drawings in space, I also loved how they moved and cast shadows, when hung from monofilament an inch from a wall. 


I began exhibiting my work in 1978 until the early 1990’s in galleries in Boston, Florida, Philadelphia and New York City. After moving to the Hudson Valley, I exhibiting primarily with Donskoj & Co in Kingston, NY. The wire work evolved into welding steel into large 3 dimensional sculptures, resulting in more exhibitions and commissions. 


I have recently come full circle to my original wire sculpting method after more than 20 years. The mermaids have called me to return to this work. The “Mermaid Agenda” is about aligning with divine feminine forces. Mermaids are daughters of Iemanja, the Afro-Brazilian Queen of the Sea.


Welded Steel



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