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Music for healing, exploration and inner Peace

Sound Bath

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Healing with sound and music is a human legacy from the ancient past that is undergoing dynamic growth in a revival in the present,  and promises to become a major field of a wide range of healing practices in the future.  


Sound Healing can be an effective way to get in touch with ones  body, ones emotions, release tension, become more centered, lower blood pressure, charge the brain and stimulate bone conduction. Vibrations created with healing intention bring balance to body mind and spirit, beginning on the level of our cells.

Certified as a sound healer, Thomas brings an understanding of various healing modalities to years of experience with instruments imbued by millennia of cultural and shamanic use as healing tools.  In sessions tailored to individual needs, he may utilize tuning forks, vocal techniques, didjeridu healing, improvisation and other modalities. It is from silence that sounds arise. 


Thomas Workman

Ancient2Future Sound Healing


A Possible Session


A sound healing experience with Thomas Workman is a journey of many dimensions, bringing balance, alignment and deep relaxation to body, mind and spirit. 


After calling in guidance and protection from the four directions with conch shells, we begin with Sam Kien U Ki, an ancient Chinese form of movement meditation. We continue with humming, chanting bija mantras or vowels, resonating and aligning our breath, activating the chakras for healing. 


With everyone comfortably sitting or lying down, the inner sound and music journey begins, guided and accompanied by a wide range of instruments from various healing traditions, including didgeridoo, bamboo flutes, fujara (Slovakian shepherds flute), khomus (Yakutian jaw harp), donso ngoni (West African Harp), nose flutes, tuning forks, bone flutes, Tibetan bowls, bansuri, guitar, voice and more. 


After participants have completed their inner journeys, the session concludes with a collective sharing, which could be reflective of the experience or a creative sharing.

Ancient2Future - Thomas Workman


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